Star Wars: Episode IX: Will there be a love story?


Will Rey, Finn or Poe find love in Star Wars: Episode IX? It doesn’t seem like a Han Solo-Leia relationship is on the horizon for any of them.

Throughout all the fighting, political undermining and galactic battles, there has always been love in Star Wars.

The original trilogy saw Han Solo and Leia Organa get together, forming an unlikely coupling between a scoundrel and a princess. The prequel trilogy saw the relationship of Padme and Anakin develop – and, at times, it was good – before it crumbled around Anakin’s turn to the Dark Side.

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Yet, in the sequel trilogy we haven’t really had a love story – at least not one in the traditional sense.

There have been great bonds formed. We saw it first in Star Wars: The Force Awakens with Finn and Poe. They immediately clicked and had good chemistry with a number of fans rooting for an on-screen relationship. Finn also seemed to have a crush on Rey, but it didn’t seem those feelings were reciprocated.

In The Last Jedi, Rose saved Finn from certain death and telling Finn that she loved him before passing out. Then, there was the dynamic between Rey and Kylo Ren where sparks and lightsabers were flying. But even though the two fought back-to-back, they didn’t wind up together as Rey closed the link between the two as she flew off on the Millennium Falcon.

With just one movie left in the sequel trilogy, it doesn’t seem like a couple is on the horizon because there is so much else that needs to be answered in the final movie. Perhaps in this case, the bond formed between our heroes is the one that will be focused on.

We don’t always need a love story. They’re nice to have because they provide hope when everything else is falling apart.

Certainly, we could see Star Wars: Episode IX with a love story happening in the time between The Last Jedi and Episode IX – with the entire courtship happening off screen. We wondered about this for Poe Dameron since he carries his mother’s ring around his neck to give to that special someone.

However, the relationships will likely focus on the friendships forged through unlikely circumstances. Poe, Finn and Rey may not wind up in a traditional relationship, but they do have each other to stand next to as they face a threat for the entire galaxy.

Which pair would you like to see wind up together in Episode IX?

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Star Wars: Episode IX released worldwide on December 20.