Star Wars: Episode IX new Stormtrooper details revealed?


Thanks to a preview of Star Wars: Galaxy Edge it looks as though details about the new Star Wars: Episode IX Stormtrooper have been revealed.

We have had a number of Star Wars: Episode IX leaks thanks to the preview of Star Wars: Galaxy Edge. First, it was the new TIE fighter and now it is the new Stormtrooper.

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Ok. So we actually talked about the new Star Wars: Episode IX Stormtrooper a little while ago. Thanks to Making Star Wars, we learned about the new elite First Order Stormtrooper. Who would be easily distinguishable from the regular First Order Stormtroopers thanks to the new ones being red with black stripes and wearing a different helmet design. They are not be confused with the red pilots seen in the animated series Star Wars Resistance.

Now, thanks to the preview of Galaxy Edge, we have some more information about them to share with you.

During the preview, a representative of the park was asked about the various characters guest attending the park could encounter. “The 709th, the Red Fury,” was an answer, the representative then went on to explain how they are an elite squad of The First Order and their new ship is the TIE Echelon, which is the name of the new TIE fighter mentioned at the start of the post.

The TIE Echelon, although not confirmed by Lucasfilm, is heavily linked to being in Episode IX. Which surely means “The 709th, the Red Fury,” are too?

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It’s not clear if Red Fury is the name of the new Stormtroopers. When we talked about them from the information by Making Star Wars a couple of months ago they were dubbed the Red Dead Trooper. Red Fury could be the company name for them with the individual Stormtroopers being the Red Dead Trooper.

There is always the chance, although really small, that they have nothing to do with the next movie. The narrative of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is to take place between The Last Jedi and Episode IX so it is technically possible.

Unless an official source comes forward to clear things up, or until we see them in either the trailer or the movie when it is released in theaters, we will not know for certain. But in all honesty, this looks like the new Episode IX Stormtroopers.

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What do you think? Are “The 709th, the Red Fury,” connected to Episode IX? Drop a comment just below sharing your thoughts.