Star Wars Episode IX: Is this footage description real?


Disney recently did a presentation for shareholders and one of the surprises is said to be a sizzle reel of Star Wars: Episode IX. Here is the description of the footage!

Well, it’s March now and we still have yet to get a trailer for the grand finale of Disney’s Star Wars trilogy. However, a new hope has arrived as one fan might’ve seen footage for the new film during an event for shareholders.

According to the Twitter user Scott Ladewig, Disney recently had an event for investors showing footage of various films including Lion King, Aladdin, Avengers: Endgame, and yes Star Wars: Episode IX. The presentation did not have a title reveal but the description offers enough to create countless theories going forward.

The details have a lot to unpack, so let’s get right into it. Here is the brief description of the sizzle reel from Scott Ladewig followed by his reaction and theories!

Warning: Potential SPOILERS may follow for Star Wars IX.

Obviously, the footage was described quickly and minimally because that’s probably how J.J. Abrams intended. After all, Abrams is notoriously famous for his “mystery box” antics. That said, that does not stop him and followers from dissecting the tiny crumbs that were offered. Specifically, the areas involving Kylo Ren and the white room. However, they start by overthinking his physical appearance.

In summary, Kylo Ren lacks a new helmet in the sizzle reel. But here is where things get rather interesting. One follower points out how the white room might connect to Vader and the original trilogy. Check out their speculation below:

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As the theory points out, this could be a meditation chamber–same as the one used by Vader in the original trilogy. Could this mean Kylo is quietly searching for a disturbance in the force? Is this a technique that he believes will make him stronger now that the force has been returned to everyone in the galaxy (after Luke’s death)? A lot of questions can be raised if this theory becomes true but it’s a very solid observation based on little information.

Ladewig offers more brief rundowns of what he can remember, one involving a fourth mystery person in the Millennium Falcon cockpit. Also, he is reminded of two different moments he forgot including: 1) A behind the scenes glimpse of Daisy Ridley doing wire work while wielding a lightsaber 2) something involving Rey going through a market with aliens around her.

He also states that the footage offers no major space battles or any appearances of the Knights of Ren. Click here to see more of the small talk from Scott Ladewig involving the sizzle reel as well as analytical discussions about Rey’s hair in the footage.

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The footage described sounds legit but what do you think? Is this a genuine description of Star Wars: Episode IX? What do you think of the brief rundown of what was seen? Sound off in the comments below!