How could Neeku appear in a Star Wars movie?


Star Wars Resistance’s Josh Brener — who does the voice of Neeku — wants a cameo in Episode IX. Could he get one?

Josh Brener — the voice actor who plays Kaz’s lovable sidekick Neeku on Star Wars Resistance –– recently stated in an interview with Inverse that he has tried his best to be granted a cameo in Star Wars Episode IX, and even sent director JJ Abrams a letter.

Even though Episode IX has completed filming, all but confirming the lack of a Josh Brener cameo, why shouldn’t Neeku get his time on the big screen?

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As the actor himself pointed out, Star Wars Rebels was granted several Easter egg nods in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, signaling that Star Wars animation does not have to be separated from live action. Fans even got to relish in the fact that Saw Gerrera got a movie portrayal with legendary actor Forest Whitaker in the role!

Star Wars Resistance has been revered by fans and critics alike as an adequate substitute for the sorely missed Rebels, so doesn’t it stand to reason that we may see some of those characters make their way to a movie? If not Yaeger and Kaz, then why not Neeku, whose voice actor just so happens to be an excellent physical fit to play him.

Whether it be just an Easter egg, a cameo, or perhaps a larger role, I think that Brener may have planted the seeds for a Resistance presence in the movies. I have a few ideas as to how Neeku could slip himself into a Star Wars film, and I hope that I hit the nail on the head!

A Star Wars Story

Photo Credit: [Solo: A Star Wars Story] LucasfilmAs previously mentioned, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story made references to the Star Wars Rebels TV show, and included a prominent character from the series in live action. Therefore, if Neeku is going to get a live-action appearance of his own, it is most likely to happen in another one of these spinoff films.

However, I do not claim to know what the next Star Wars Story movie will be about — that is an entirely different article in itself. But if we are given a spinoff film that happens during or just before the events of the new trilogy, I would be willing to bet money that we see a cameo from Josh Brener’s Neeku.

Perhaps I’m reaching my hand a little too far into the cookie jar here, but I would personally love to see Resistance: A Star Wars Story. It doesn’t have to be about the television show, but instead show the birth of the Resistance, similar to what Rogue One did for the Rebels.

I think that this could be an intriguing idea for the millions of fans who enjoyed Gareth Edwards’ take on a Star Wars spinoff, and it could contain appearances from characters like Yaeger, Han Solo, Poe Dameron, and of course unexpected cameos from Kaz and Neeku. This may be nothing more than a meaningless Starbucks screenplay waiting to happen, but it is a far fetched movie idea I would personally love to see, and it is a reasonable suggestion as to how to bring Neeku to life in a real movie.

Background extra

Photo credit: Lucasfilm

Even though everyone would obviously want Neeku to have a speaking part, the actor himself has admitted that he would be happy to just pass through the background. No lines, no real purpose, just an alien that is obviously Neeku played by Josh Brener to give a nod to the fans. While I would personally be disappointed with this outcome of Brener declaring he wants to be in a Star Wars film, it’s better than nothing, especially since his opportunity is seemingly already gone.

Seeing kooky new aliens and familiar races passing in the background of a Star Wars film has become somewhat ritualistic, and there are usually references to past characters seen through other members of their race. There is no reason for Neeku to be any different, and at the very least it would give Brener some kind of satisfaction.

Episode X

LOS ANGELES, CA – SEPTEMBER 17: D. B. Weiss (L) and David Benioff accept the Outstanding Drama Series award for ‘Game of Thrones ‘ onstage during the 70th Emmy Awards at Microsoft Theater on September 17, 2018 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Game of Thrones showrunner David Benioff and DB Weiss have been brought one to write the next Star Wars trilogy, and while that has nothing to do with Neeku’s chances of appearing, it means that Episode IX wasn’t his last chance.

Saw Gerrera had a role in Rogue One, but it had almost no relation to Star Wars Rebels. The same thing could happen with Neeku. He could be the same character played by the same actor, but in a completely different situation, and have two different versions of himself that coexist.

While I’m sure this is bound to cause some confusion for some, Neeku is the lovable comic relief that everyone strives to have. He could help make the next installment in the series so much more light-hearted and grant relief from sequences of action- much like C3PO is famous for doing. Neeku could potentially be the K2SO of Episode X, and I think that he may have an opportunity to squeeze himself into the movie.

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