Star Wars Resistance: Now is the time to start watching


If you’re not watching Star Wars Resistance, now is the time to start. The animated series only gets better with each episode.

Star Wars Resistance is the third animated series from LucasFilm with this one set in the timeline just before The Force Awakens. While it’s supposed to be geared toward children, it certainly has themes that adults may have a better time understanding.

And if you haven’t been watching Star Wars Resistance, it’s time to tune in.

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The series started with our hero Kazuto Xiono goofier than most. He’s the son of a senator and a pilot trained by the New Republic. Really, he seemed like an entitled kid who just didn’t understand where he stood in the universe.

But his time on the Colossus has taught him much and it has been great to see Kaz’s growth in that time. He’s become a better person, losing many of those earlier tendencies that may have rubbed some people the wrong way.

Instead, we are getting a real hero – someone who risks his life for those he cares about and is willing to get his hands dirty in order to combat the First Order.

The last few episodes of Star Wars Resistance have had less to do with life on the platform – though those moments have been interesting especially with the pilots – and more with how the First Order is disrupting life across the galaxy.

The First Order has gone from being a nuisance that people were annoying to being a scary entity that is controlling the lives of those on board the Colossus, meting out unnecessary punishment to its citizens.

Star Wars Resistance has also managed to build up the First Order in a way that we can see how it managed to infiltrate and gain as much power as it did. Because of those first few interactions where it promised protection and security, the First Order crept into the every day lives of people.

Some fell for the guise of protection such as Tam who doesn’t understand what the First Order – and the Empire before it – has done to people. Others have resisted and found their own ways to help like Kaz and Yeager.

Now, we are right on the heels of events of The Force Awakens – a moment I have been dreaded for Kaz. In the last episode, Poe has come to pick up on BB-8 so he can go on his mission to Jakuu, which is what begins The Force Awakens.

But I’m dreading it because of the annihilation of Hosnian Prime, which is Kaz’s homeworld and where his family and friends are – specifically his father who we barely met in a static holo in the first episode. The happy-go-lucky Kaz may lose some of his charm as he will be crushed when this happens.

As goofy as Kaz can be, he has grown on me especially because he has shown he has room to grow and is willing to make mistakes no matter how they make him look to the outside world. Because Kaz is a good person with a good heart, it’s going to hurt to see his life crushed when Starkiller Base destroys the Hosnian Prime system.

Star Wars Resistance has really gained a lot of ground in the first season — and it’s already been renewed for second season — and if you haven’t been watching yet, now is the time to get started. Catch up on the Disney Now apps or online.

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