Star Wars: Taika Waititi finds strict guidelines when directing in the universe


Lucasfilm has strict guidelines when it comes to creating Star Wars properties, so not even your favorite director may get to showcase their personality.

Getting to direct a Star Wars movie or television show must be a dream for most directors.

It’s arguably the biggest franchise in the world with memorable characters and timeless moments. But sometimes getting to direct it isn’t perfect – but what ever is.

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When The Mandalorian hits Disney+ later this year, a number of a well known names will be at the helm including Dave Filoni, Bryce Dallas Howard and Taika Waititi.

Waititi recently did an interview with the Observer, discussing his time directing an episode of The Mandalorian. While he has an outgoing personality and certainly leaves his mark on his work, he was limited while under the Lucasfilm umbrella.

"“There’s definitely some of the stuff I’ve learned over the years from working with [Clement] and [Simms] and everyone else back home that I have brought to my episode,” he said. “But I can’t… It’s a very sacred universe, the Star Wars universe, so I can’t do too much of it.”"

When his episode airs, we will have to be on the lookout for the moments he is talking about. Given Lucasfilm’s strict guidelines, there are things Waititi had no control over, but it’s always fun to see someone allowing their personality to shine through.

And Waititi is no stranger to Disney. He directed Thor: Ragnorak, which many would agree had Waititi’s fingerprints all over it. And, yet, while Marvel has its own set of guidelines and rules that directors and producers needed to follow, it’s the galaxy far, far away that has had the bigger limitations.

"When asked which of the companies has the stricter guidelines, the director didn’t hesitate. “Star Wars, yeah, easily.”"

While we don’t know yet know when Disney+ will arrive, we do know that we will be watching The Mandalorian when it finally does. Then, we’ll get to see just how Waititi left his mark.

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How excited are you for The Mandalorian? Honestly, we can’t wait.