The Mandalorian: Oscar Isaac convinced Pedro Pascal to take the role


Whether you will love or hate Pedro Pascal as The Mandalorian when it arrives, look at Oscar Isaac for convincing his friend to join the Star Wars universe.

It seems Pedro Pascal needed a little convincing to become The Mandalorian. In a cute and fun interview with Pascal and Oscar Isaac, Isaac mentions his part in his friend taking the role.

The video comes from Wired where Isaac and Pascal answer questions based on Google’s autocomplete searches. The entire video is goofy and fun, and giving these two a platform together just makes sense when you see them like this.

They star in the upcoming movie Triple Frontier – and while that never comes up during the interview, Star Wars does.

One of the searches asked “Is Pedro Pascal The Mandalorian?”

After Pascal excitedly affirms that he is, Isaac looks right into the camera and says, “You’re welcome. I convinced him to do it.”


But seriously, the question that I had afterward is why did Pascal need convincing? There are several benefits to working on a Star Wars-related project, which Isaac knows plenty about.

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First is the notoriety. Pascal will likely become an in-demand actor – even more so than right now. Being part of the Star Wars universe has a way of elevating people to another level.

Second is the money. You won’t need to wonder where the next paycheck is coming from, and unless your character is killed off, there’s usually a lot of work. And then sometimes there is even more work.

Third. It’s Star Wars!

While we like to poke fun, it’s exciting to get the live-action series coming to Disney+ some time this year.

It’s just too bad Isaac and Pascal won’t get a chance to act together in it. The Mandalorian takes place during the original trilogy time period, so Poe Dameron is just a twinkle in someone’s eye at this point. These two have great chemistry and would have spiced up any Star Wars scenes they would have been in together.

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The Mandalorian is expected to arrive on Disney+ later this year.