Star Wars Celebration: 6 can’t-miss panels for SWCC

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The Mandalorian. Photo credit: LucasFilm

The Mandalorian with Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni

Time: Sunday 11 a.m. CT

Of all the panels at Star Wars Celebration, this is the one I’m second-most excited by – with Episode IX coming first.

Even with all the hype around Episode IX, The Mandalorian is so intriguing because it could change the way we watch Star Wars forever. A live-action series hasn’t been done before with the franchise.

We’ve had several animated series with moderate success. However, a live-action series just feels different. The stakes seem higher and there is so much that could happen to make or break it.

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If The Mandalorian does well, Disney+ will get a plethora of content with a number of live-action series. If not, then the tinkering will happen all over again. This panel will be the time when we get a real first taste of what Jon Favreau’s series has in store for us.

For the most part, LucasFilm has been tight lipped about The Mandalorian – and really any content coming this year – and the only things we have learned about the series have come from Favreau’s Instagram or through leaks.

It’s time to pony up some more info.

Dave Filoni is also on the panel. He took to directing an episode or two of The Mandalorian along with Taika Waititi and Bryce Dallas Howard. Filoni is also the mastermind behind the animated series, so now he tests his hand with live-action.

While we don’t know if any cast members will be on hand, we sure hope Pedro Pascal and Gina Carrano make an appearance to offer more about the series.