The Mandalorian: 4 things we learned from the preview clip

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The Mandalorian. Carl Weathers. Photo credit: Lucasfilm

What’s it all about?

There was a rumor of what the plot of The Mandalorian was about, which we covered here. On the rumor scale, we say this one is plausible.

The clip shown at Star Wars Celebration gave the rumor even more legs. When the Mandalorian meets with the client for the unusually high and secretive bounty, he’s given very few details on the target. But the target is a person who needs to be brought in.

A doctor tells him to deliver the asset alive although Werner Herzog’s character does say that the asset brought in dead would still be acceptable but for far less money. Very creepy.

I expect this is the very beginning of The Mandalorian series because any good story writing starts with the action. There isn’t likely much happening before when the first episode airs on Disney+. This moment where the Mandalorian accepts the job and is told scant details is the precipice for the entire show.

The one part of the clip that I love is when he walks out of the little hidey hole and the stormtrooper steps in the doorway to watch him leave. This moment says a lot about the Empire – there are those that are still loyal, the Empire is in decay given the state of the uniforms and these people that Pascal’s character just took a job from cannot be trusted. So whatever they are asking for should certainly be questioned.

While we still don’t know much about The Mandalorian, we certainly know more now than we did just a couple of weeks ago.

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The Mandalorian premieres on Disney+ on November 12.