Has the plot of The Mandalorian been revealed?


Details of The Mandalorian have been few, but a few plot details may have been leaked giving a new look to the live-action Star Wars series.

While details of the plot for The Mandalorian have been scarce, one reddit user has been a trove of information, maybe even revealing details around the live-action series.

These rumors are unconfirmed, but plausible. Making Star Wars heard similar rumors, but like any rumor, these should be taken with a grain of salt.

User u/Xyzsvtabc, who also gave us the Star Wars: Episode IX rumors about Kylo Ren’s reforged mask and BB-8’s new sidekick, says they received details that The Mandalorian will have a baby in the show that will be a big role.

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Essentially, the Mandalorian – the character we saw in the one image shot – will deal with a baby on one of the missions. But his job isn’t to save the baby, but to kill it.

Here’s what u/Xyzsvtabc said:

"I guess the Mandalorian encounters a baby on one of his missions that he is supposed to kill, but instead of that, he ends up saving it and a lot of the rest of the story revolves around their growing relationship and his efforts to keep the child safe and protected."

It’s an interesting concept, but it makes sense. As we said earlier, Making Star Wars heard similar talking points, but also have been trying to figure out what is on the back of the character they have seen on set. Now, it’s possible that the main character has been carrying around a baby.

If this rumor is true, it would be fascinating to think that the title character has taken a job where he is supposed to kill a child. That’s a horrific and thoughtless job, and yet someone potentially put a contract out on a harmless baby.

Perhaps the baby is harmless now, but what if the child is the heir to Mandalore. Mandalore, the world, had been ravaged by war to the point where residents lived in bio-cubed cities, and other warriors were sent to live on a moon planet.

What if this child is the one that could restore the Mandalorians, bring them back together once again?

Obviously, we’re getting ahead of ourselves, but given the rumors, it’s certainly something to consider. But suddenly, we have a Star Wars TV series with an interesting premise.

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We wish we didn’t have to go by rumors. So please, the powers that be at Lucasfilm, give us more info!