Star Wars: Force users who could still be alive


In the wake of Palpatine’s return in the Episode IX trailer, everything we thought we knew about Star Wars deaths got thrown out the window.

Even though he’s the most evil person to step foot in the Star Wars galaxy, you have to give Sheev Palpatine a little bit of respect.

The man was tossed down a Death Star generator shaft and seemingly eviscerated into nothingness, yet somehow was able to walk it off and cackle it up in the recent trailer for The Rise of Skywalker. 

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Impressive. Most impressive.

The Emperor’s return was both dumbfounding and thrilling at the same time. It’s almost impossible to believe that anybody could survive that fall, but it was satisfying because it seems like Disney is acknowledging Darth Plagueis’s teachings for the first time on the big screen.

The return of Palpatine raises endless questions, but one in particular struck me: if Palpatine isn’t dead, then what other Force users could’ve cheated it? The Emperor’s death seemed pretty convincing, but now we know that what Luke said is very true: no one’s ever really gone.

Mace Windu

Two weeks ago, Mace Windu was dead to me. He’d been dead to me since 2005, when I saw him get electrocuted by Force lightning and catapulted out of window, only to plummet to his death.

Or so it seemed.

See, Palpatine’s return changed a lot for me and for fans everywhere. Palpatine’s “death” wasn’t nearly as bad as Windu’s, which leads me to believe that he may have survived. The fact that Mace was able to balance the Light Side and Dark Side is a big factor here. Perhaps he was able to master Darth Plagueis’s ability to cheat death or something along those lines.

Seriously, I was a huge proponent of the “Mace Windu is dead and buried” school of thought. It kind of irked me the wrong way when people tried to say he was alive, which always led me to ask “did you see what I saw?”

Now, I’ve got to admit that there’s a possibility.

And Samuel L. Jackson is always up for reprising his role.

Ezra Bridger

Photo credit: LucasFilm

Ezra Bridger’s situation is kind of like Jimmy Hoffa’s: we don’t know where he is. The key difference, though: there’s a good chance he’s still breathing.

We last saw Ezra throwing down with Grand Admiral Thrawn in Rebels. Many fans speculated he could’ve been the real Chosen One, but I never really bought into that. What I am buying into, though, is that Ezra is out there somewhere.

The chances of Ezra appearing in The Rise of Skywalker are slim to none. Really, I’m just saying that there’s a good chance Kanan’s apprentice is doing just fine.

Kanan Jarrus

In another case of somebody who should definitely be dead, I’m forced to reconsider what it means to die in Star Wars.

Kanan Jarrus was engulfed in flames. Unless he’s the Human Torch too, his fate shouldn’t come close to being questioned. But since Palpatine’s return has thrown a wrench into everything, you have to consider it.

Yes, Kanan came back as a loth-wolf, but I’m now convinced that there’s a chance he could come back in the flesh.

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What other Force users do you think could still be alive? Let us know in the comments.