Star Wars: Episode IX spoiler: Is this how it all ends?


We all want to know how Star Wars: Episode IX ends, but if you can’t wait until December, there is this rumor with a potential spoiler on how the movie might end. Spoilers beware!

If you don’t want to read about Star Wars: Episode IX spoilers, turn back now. There are big potential spoilers ahead. 

The conclusion of the Skywalker Saga is almost here — but it’s not close enough. But a new rumor has surfaced explaining how it all possibly ends.

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The rumor comes via Making Star Wars, who heard from a source how it could potentially end. It involves Matt Smith who was reported to be in the film, but we have been unsure since because Smith said he wasn’t in the movie.

But the rumor says he is and, in fact, he becomes possessed by Emperor Palpatine, which then involves Rey and Kylo Ren teaming up to take him down. But when Smith’s character is struck down, Palpatine’s consciousness goes into Kylo Ren.

Kylo sacrifices himself to kill Palpatine once and for all — though we don’t know in what regard the sacrifice means. This could be Kylo Ren killing all the tendrils of the dark side in him and Ben Solo lives, or destroying his mind and body altogether.

You can read the full rumor here on Making Star Wars.

Thoughts on this spoiler

It seems like a rather interesting way to end the Skywalker Saga, and plausible. Kylo Ren takes a similar path to Vader, serving the dark side but then sacrificing himself in the end.

Does he do it to save Rey? Was it for the greater good?

That part wasn’t rumored, but one would be led to think it is to save Rey from Palpatine and the Dark Side’s clutches. Perhaps The Rise of Skywalker means the rise of the good nature that Skywalker — and not Vader — represents.

This rumor also makes sense in the grand scheme of things that Palpatine’s consciousness is tethered to something (like the Death Star) and could inhabit other beings. It also makes this theory sound legit.

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What do you think on this potential spoiler? How would you feel if this is how the Skywalker Saga ended?