The Mandalorian: 3 characters I’d love to see in the Star Wars series

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For The Mandalorian Jon Favreau let us know that they are dealing with new characters and stories but it doesn’t mean invested fans won’t get Easter Eggs and characters from Star War’s past.

Having new characters play out an epic story on the outer rim and it involving Mandalorians, one of the coolest civilizations in the Star Wars canon, is an easy idea to get behind.

Even better is that it’s a television series rather than films. The movies are great and are the backbone of the entire saga’s history. The films are what get casual fans interested in Star Wars.

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But any invested fan knows Star Wars is at its best when it has time to develop characters and give a narrative over many episodes. Fans of The Clone Wars and Rebels can attest to how great the franchise can be and the new show Star Wars Resistance is quickly getting to the status of the previous two animated series.

The Mandalorian is the first true live-action Star Wars show. It will explore the period after The Return of the Jedi, an era that has had only a few new canon novels written about it.

As a fan of all the peripheral shows, comics and novels and as someone who can’t wait for the November 12th premiere of Disney+ and The Mandalorian, here are some Mandalorians I’d love to see make appearances in the show.

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Boba Fett

Here is an obvious one. Boba Fett may just be Mandalorian because he’s the first character people think about when they see the iconic Mandalorian armor and helmet. A fan of only the film might watch an episode of Rebels and ask if Sabine is Boba Fett’s daughter. And as a nice person you won’t point out the timing issues with that theory but you’ll inform your friend that Boba Fett wears Mandalorian armor and Sabine is a tried and true Mandalorian.

As far as timelines go when we last left our friend Boba in this part of the timeline he was dead. In Return of the Jedi everyone saw him fall right into the sarlacc pit. No way anyone could survive that right?

In the Legends timeline, he survived and continued to appear in dozens of books after his apparent death in the film.

In the new canon he has not re-appeared, and what better place to make his return in some manner than in a show about Mandalorians?