Journey to Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker books and comics announced


Leading up to the final film in The Skywalker Saga releasing this December, Lucasfilm Publishing has announced a line of Star Wars books and comics for fans of all ages.

Before Star Wars:The Force Awakens, we learned all about what happened in the aftermath of Emperor Palpatine’s ultimate destruction.

Before The Last Jedi, we were introduced to our new least favorite warrior-turned-stormtrooper, Phasma, learning how she came to join the First Order.

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Now, The Rise of Skywalker is upon us. And there’s a lot we still want to know about events preceding the epic story we’re about to witness.

That’s why Lucasfilm Publishing — on May the Fourth, of all days — has officially announced its next wave of publishing materials leading up to the film’s December release.

The Journey to Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Publishing Program will commence in the same format the previous “journey to” books and comics did for The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi. A series of novels, reference books, and comics will hit physical and digital shelves later in 2019 to give us all time to prepare for what’s to come.

Some notable upcoming releases in the series include:

  • Resistance Reborn, an adult novel about Poe Dameron, Rey, Finn, and General Leia Organa rebuilding the Resistance
  • Force Collector, a young adult novel about a teenager’s journey to discovering his special connection to the Force
  • Allegiance, a comic mini-series featuring the remaining members of the Resistance on the run from the First Order after the events of The Last Jedi
  • The Ultimate Star Wars – New Edition, a reference book for any Star Wars fan interested in knowing the background information on all things in a galaxy far, far away.

More comics, as well as a variety of books for the younglings in your life, will also release as part of this series.

So basically, we’re going to learn more about Poe Dameron, the rebuilding of the Resistance, and probably, maybe, Luke’s Jedi Academy. YES PLEASE.

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Books and comics in the Journey to The Rise of Skywalker series go on sale for pre-order early next week. Get excited — and let us know which upcoming release you’re looking forward to most!