Star Wars: Please give Brie Larson a lightsaber, thank you


Brie Larson has expressed interest in portraying a Star Wars character in the past. Is it likely to happen? Who knows. But we really want it to happen. Please.

We’ve seen Brie Larson exhibit unmatchable cosmic powers as female superhero extraordinaire Captain Marvel. We’ve also seen her exhibit exceptional acting abilities in films like Room, which gave her the chance to portray human emotion with both skill and ease.

Now that she’s part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, she’s officially “in” the Disney circle and could totally make the leap into a universe like Star Wars. She’s already been to space! Like, not really, but still!

Larson has already admitted she wouldn’t mind joining the Star Wars franchise. Shedding tears over holding Samuel L. Jackson’s lightsaber proves she has Force-wielding dreams. “I wish I was a Jedi,” she said in an interview. Same, girl. Same.

And hey, she may not have any formal training in any official forms of lightsaber combat. But she does have mad Beat Saber skills, which is basically the same thing, right?

In addition to her impressive “saber” skills, the actress is also known for her portrayal of strong female characters onscreen — and happens to be one in real life.

If the sequel trilogy has taught us anything, it’s that Star Wars doesn’t just need more strong women. It thrives because of them. It always has. Carrie Fisher started it way back in 1977 and gave a stellar performance in The Last Jedi.

She’s got the moves. The drive. The experience. Disney HAS to give her this.

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Which Jedi character could Larson take on in a future Star Wars movie or TV show?

We haven’t met too many female Jedi outside The Clone Wars  or prequel films — one has yet to appear in a canon novel who isn’t already played by, you know, the irreplaceable Daisy Ridley. And it’s highly unlikely Disney will bring back favorite Legends characters like Mara Jade or Jaina Solo.

But here’s what’s cool about Disney+ and the future of Star Wars theatrical releases: Just about anything [that doesn’t involve major Legends characters] is possible.

She could play a completely new character, giving young girls — and, okay, women of all ages everywhere, let’s be honest — someone to look up to. Who doesn’t want that?

And Larson’s options aren’t just limited to live-action films or shows, either. Voicing a video game character who uses a lightsaber, thanks to motion capture tech, would still let her do all the lightsaber things. It still counts!

Her chance to become a Jedi is still out there somewhere. Let’s hope she keeps fighting for it — aggressive negotiations, if necessary — until someone says yes.

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Is there a character you’d love to see Brie portray onscreen? Do you think she’s earned her right to learn the Jedi Code?