New Star Wars movies coming pre-Christmas every other year


Disney announced its Star Wars movie slate schedule for the coming years with at least three more on the way.

While we aren’t 100 percent sure what’s coming after Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, the picture is slightly more clear.

Disney announced its updated movie release calendar today, and in it revealed that after Episode IX there are at least three new Star Wars movies on the way.

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New movies will be coming every other year starting in 2022.

There is no new info, including titles — but given how long we waited for The Rise of Skywalker title that’s no surprise.

What do we know so far?

Currently, there are two film trilogies in the works in various stages. David Benioff and D.B. Weiss — the Game of Thrones showrunners — have a trilogy that may be a bit further along than the one Rian Johnson is working on.

This is likely the start of the movies that will premiere in 2022, but there is no word if the subsequent movies will be three movies in the trilogy or if Disney is putting out different movies at that time.

It’s rumored Benioff and Weiss are working on a trilogy set during the time of the Old Republic, which considering it takes place during thousands of years, has a whole slew of content and stories they will be able to choose from.

Why the film cadence?

In the past, Disney CEO Bob Iger has said that the annual film release for Star Wars was a mistake. Perhaps Disney has seen that two years is a better cadence for releasing movies within this franchise.

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If you were worried about the state of Star Wars once Episode IX is complete. Don’t be. At least we have part of a plan now — and we will have stories for years to come.