Star Wars: 5 of the best fan films you need to watch

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The are currently a lot of Star Wars fan films circulation around the internet. Here are five films that fans need to check out.

While Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker and The Mandalorian series are each still months away, Star Wars fans do have a wealth of content right at their finger tips.

Right now is the best time to be a Star Wars fans, as we receive tons of content of our beloved franchise in the forms of movies, shows, video games and comics. While you may not necessarily be a fan of all of it, I truly believe that there is something for everybody.

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One of the least talked about forms of Star Wars media however is the wealth of fan-created films currently circulating around the internet.

While they may not necessarily match up to the quality of movies we see in the theaters, these fan films have a lot of heart behind them and are made by people who truly love the franchise and just want to create something good.

Dozens of these fan films have been created over the years and are currently available to view online, and while they may vary in quality, there are many of them which are well worth checking out.

Especially with the recent announcement that following the release of The Rise of Skywalker in December of this year, live action Star Wars films will take a hiatus for a few years until December 2022, fans may look to other mediums to get their Star Wars fix in the future.

While many may first turn to cartoons like The Clone Wars or Rebels, fan films are an excellent alternative to the official live-action movies, offering something new to the fan base, while still holding onto that same charm that made us fall in love a galaxy far, far away.

Without further a due, here are five Star Wars fan films that you need to see.

**DISCLAIMER: This list is in no particular order and is my own subjective opinion**