Star Wars: 5 of the best fan films you need to watch

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The Darth Vader Fan Film was created by the popular Star Wars Youtuber Star Wars Theory, and was released by him in late December of 2018.

The film was created on a budget of $160,000 and looked stunning, with terrific special effects, costumes, props, and a very convincing actor portraying the Emperor. Its run time ended up being  just over 12 minutes and was received very well by fans.

Vader Episode 1 takes place eight months after the events of Revenge of the Sith, and it showcases the inner struggle of Darth Vader, with his hatred and desire to kill the Emperor, as he blamed him for the death of his wife Padme.

The best portion of the film is at its beginning, where Vader engages in an epic duel against the Emperor and several Clone Troopers, with effects that border on movie quality, and concludes with a cliff hanger, as Vader is sent to the planet of Naboo to confront and kill one of the last surviving Jedi who is hiding out on the planet.

As anyone who has ever watched one of his videos would know, Star Wars Theory is a very passionate fan who put a lot of time and effort into creating this film. He has spoken very openly that Darth Vader is his favorite character and would not have released his fan film unless he thought that he was doing the character justice.

Additionally, while all the other entries on this list were one-offs and will not be receiving a sequel, this film was the first entry in a series of Darth Vader fan films, and Star Wars Theory has already released a teaser for Vader Episode II, confirming that the fan film will pit Mace Windu against Darth Vader, although no release date has been announced?

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