Star Wars could link The Mandalorian and the Knights of the Old Republic


With November’s Star Wars’ The Mandalorian set to come out and a potential Knights of the Old Republic trilogy, the two could easily and seamlessly flow together

When Disney’s streaming service announced plans for The Mandalorian, fans were pretty excited and happy. When rumor hit that it was planning a Knights of the Old Republic trilogy, die-hard Star Wars fans rejoiced.

This could be something really cool if the entertainment giant goes this route.

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A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away the Mandalorian reeked havoc. In fact they attacked the planet of Quelii in the Outer Rim Territories. It was on that planet Alek was born. As Alek grew up he became friends with Raven. This is where we dig in.

During the Mandalorian wars both Alek and Raven trained and became Jedi Knights. With some of their followers, they disobeyed the Jedi Council. They would leave the Jedi. It was soon after that Alek took the name Malek.

Raven and Malek would go on to defeat the Mandalorians. They came upon a Sith Emperor and sided with them. The two friends would become two of the greatest Sith Lords in all of Star Wars. Darth Malek and Darth Raven.

With The Mandalorian set to debut in November, and not much given out as far as plot and characters, it would be an interesting path should Disney use the show to set up the new trilogy. Not to mention it would be must watch TV for Star Wars fans if they knew ahead of time this would be the case.

Darth Malek and Darth Raven, both chased down and killed Jedi. Not sure if this will be the case. Hopefully, it is something Disney has thought about.

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What are your thoughts? Should Disney connect The Mandalorian and The Knights of the Old Republic?