Star Wars: Episode IX: 7 Things we learned from Vanity Fair


Vanity Fair has released its online version of its Star Wars: Episode IX preview with a fantastic photo gallery. Here’s what we learned so far from the article.

As has become tradition, Vanity Fair has given us the first look at Star Wars movies and now it’s time for The Rise of Skywalker reveals.

As always, famed photographer Annie Leibovitz took the images and they’re fantastic. She captured the beautiful essence of what is sure going to be a spectacular Episode IX.

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While I can peruse the pictures all day, there are some new tidbits we learned about Star Wars: Episode IX from the article.

1. New planets

Some of the first things that pop up are actually in the captions for the photos. While there was a lot of speculation as to what the filming in Jordan could be since it was a desert planet (possible Jakuu or Tatooine), it seems it an entirely new planet altogether — unless, of course, these are meant to throw fans off.

The image captions state the Jordan scenes take place on a desert planet Pasaana — which also comes with new aliens called Aki-Aki.

In the caption for Keri Russell’s character it also mentioned the Thieves’ Quarter on Kijimi.

2. Keri Russell’s character

We finally learned more about Keri Russell and who she is playing in Episode IX.

Russell is playing a “masked scoundrel” whose name is Zorri Bliss.

We don’t know how she fits into the storyline, but the image of her costume is pretty sweet.

3. Richard E. Grant’s character

So, Grant is not playing Snoke as was previously speculated. But he is a high-ranking member of the First Order. Vanity Fair confirms he is playing Allegiant General Pryde.

4. Timeline

The article does say The Rise of Skywalker takes place about a year and a half after The Last Jedi.

A lot of will have taken place in that time such as Rey’s training, the Resistance’s recovery, and the First Order.

5. No mention of Matt Smith

Either he really isn’t in the movie or this is the biggest secret in the world. There was absolutely no mention of Matt Smith in the Vanity Fair article.

Editor’s Note: Vanity Fair updated their articles saying simply that the Knights of Ren are back and took out the mention of Kylo Ren fighting them. 

6. Kylo Ren is fighting the Knights of Ren

In The Rise of Skywalker trailer, Kylo Ren is fighting what seems to be the Knights of Ren. The article confirms that to be the case, but doesn’t elaborate as to why.

Was it training? Did Kylo turn? We don’t know yet.

7. Kylo Ren and Rey’s bond runs deeper

There have been rumors to the case, but it seems the bond forged between Kylo Ren and Rey was not severed. In fact, it seems it will be stronger than before. Writer Lev Grossman says their bond “will turn out to run even deeper than previously revealed.”

Read the full Vanity Fair article here.

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Star Wars: Episode IX premieres on December 20.