Vanity Fair walks back its Kylo Ren and Knights of Ren fighting exclusive


With Vanity Fair’s big Star Wars: Episode IX preview out today, there is one piece of information it had to make a correction on. Apparently, all is not what it seems.

Warning: Potential spoilers head

One of the biggest bits of news to come out the Star Wars: Episode IX Vanity Fair exclusive featured news on Kylo Ren and the Knights of Ren.

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Vanity Fair wrote that Kylo is fighting his crew in the teaser trailer, which was speculated at the time, but never confirmed.

Then, VF confirmed it — and then it didn’t.

Writer Lev Grossman, who penned the VR piece, did an AMA on Reddit today, which you can see here. One of the questions popped up about this exclusive confirmation that used the words “mowing down” when referring to what Kylo Ren was doing to the Knights of Ren.

However, VR walked it back with this statement on the AMA:

"Hi, Kia from Vanity Fair here. That was an error—we’ve since updated the article and noted a correction. All we can confirm is that the Knights are, indeed, back. Sorry for the confusion."

Indeed, VR updated its piece to simply state it can confirm the Knights of Ren are back, which is something we already knew about. There is even a great image of them in the VR spread.

So this correction begs the question, does this make it even more legit?

The correction on the article states it mischaracterized the scene. Certainly that could be true and we will look at it from both sides.

The byline on the piece where the “incorrect” info appeared is not that of Lev Grossman. It’s another Vanity Fair writer who wrote the sidebars to the main piece. She could have misunderstood something and wrote the wrong thing.

Then once it was published, TPTB at Disney spotted  the error and pinged them.


I worked in the journalism world for over a decade. Mistakes happen. Big mistakes even happen.


Something could have been told off the record and that either wasn’t clear or forgotten.

Either way, it stinks because I’m sure the writer feels awful about the inclusion.

But still I wonder about it — and frankly leads me to believe that Kylo Ren and the Kinghts of Ren are indeed fighting each other.

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What do you think about the gaffe? Are you more convinced now than before about what is happening in that scene?