Star Wars: Which planet should you visit for a summer vacation?


What’s that? For your next vacation you want to travel somewhere a little more exotic?  Good. It’s a big Galaxy. Let’s find the perfect Star Wars planet for a trip.

Summer is right around the corner, and that means vacation. The Star Wars universe Has countless opportunities for unbelievable sights and adventure! Which planet sounds the most appealing for a good ol’ family vacation?


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You can’t dispute the forest moon’s beauty. Lush shrubbery and plant life. Elaborate tree houses. The planet even resembles the California Redwoods. It’s kind of suspicious actually.

You will have to Airbnb a treehouse or something, since the forest is a little dense. I hope you’re okay with heights.

There’s one small problem. The locals are kind of… um… aggressive. They are adorable, but aggressive. Imagine a village of build-a-bears. Now imagine the bear you just built wants to eat you. That whole battle between the Galactic Empire and Rebel Alliance? Let’s just say the fallen stormtroopers probably didn’t go to waste. In fact, our favorite heroes had a close call themselves, almost becoming the main course at a banquet.

Still cute though.

Okay on second thought,  Endor might not be ideal for a Star Wars vacation. There’s too many trees anyway.


Now here’s an incredible vacation spot.

This place has incredible sights. Imagine a cabin right on the water, or a resort in Theed, the capital.

You want a gondola ride? Naboo has them. A gorgeous lake? Got that too. There’s a beautiful palace along with incredible swamps to explore. Truly an incredible tourist experience.

There’s one problem. Naboo has a history of trade disputes, which prevents food and other goods from entering the system. And for some reason, the entire planet is incapable of being self-sufficient and feeding its own people, sooooo… that could be a problem. You never know when another political dispute might pop up.

Probably shouldn’t take any chances.


No. Too many Bugs. Just no.

Canto Bight

If a loud and obnoxious casino experiences are your thing, Canto Bight might be the planet.

There’s a massive resort where the high-rollers patron. It really is unlike any other place in the galaxy. You can take a river cruise, visit the popular race track, and maybe, just maybe, you can meet with the legendary Master Codebreaker. Imagine Las Vegas, but with more slavery and animal cruelty. Maybe leave the kids at home for this one.

Yeah we probably shouldn’t support an establishment like that. Honestly, Canto Bight is kind of pointless anyway.

Moving on.

Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back (1980). Lucasfilm Entertainment Company Ltd., All Rights Reserved


If you’re trying to stay out of the heat for this vacation, Hoth is the perfect destination.

Two words: Ski Resort.

Bundle up because the ice planet of Hoth has some killer slopes if skiing is your thing. You can visit the legendary Echo Base and even take a ride on a tauntaun to get you wherever you’re going. Just please keep an eye on the temperature. If you want a more somber experience, visit the Hoth memorial, the actual location of an iconic battle in the snow.

We should probably let you know It’s sparsely populated. And by sparsely I mean like not at all. It’s not a very popular destination. Maybe because of the wildlife. Or the snow. There’s a lot of snow.

Okay, don’t go to Hoth.

If none of these worked for you, there’s plenty of other sights to see! There’s the beautiful beach world of Scarif. Engage in city life on Coruscant, the Galactic Capital. Go on an adventure on the florescent planet of Felucia. There’s a planet for everyone.

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Which planet would you visit for your vacation? Discuss down below.