Star Wars: 5 reasons we need a sequel to Solo now

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Qi’Ra’s journey

Of all the new characters that appear in Solo, Qi’Ra was one of the most intriguing. She was a street rat like Han Solo, but also had dreams of getting out like Han Solo.

The difference is he left, but she didn’t. While the novelization goes into it more deeply, Qi’Ra was sold off after Han escaped Corellia. She fought her owners until Dryden Vos gave her an option of learning from her.

He saw a fire in her that he wanted to control rather than allow it to burn everything around her.

She was a still a slave, but he did give her the tools she needed to forge her path.

When we last saw Qi’Ra, she had killed Dryden Vos and took control of his syndicate. She reported in to Darth Maul. Qi’Ra swept away in her yacht and left Han behind.

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Oh boy, have I imagined what their reunion would look like. It’s how Han created that steely exterior and didn’t allow himself to be vulnerable. He did that because of Qi’Ra and it left him holding the bag while she sailed off.

A lot of Han’s trust issues also stem from this relationship, but it was good for Han’s development.

I’m here for the fireworks.

I also want to see how far Qi’Ra could take her new found power and relative freedom. She was a new character, so we didn’t hear about her in any of the episodic movies. So, what did happen to her? How did Lucasfilm decide to end her journey?