Star Wars: 5 reasons we need a sequel to Solo now

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Solo: A Star Wars Story. Credit: Lucasflm

More Enfys Nest

And then there was Enfys Nest, the young rebel leader who wowed us when she removed her helmet. She became a large topic of conversation surrounding Solo: A Star Wars Story.

Throughout the film, when Enfys Nest was mentioned, many fans pictured someone similar to Beckett, a lifetime criminal who headed a rival gang. But Enfys Nest turned out to be so much more. She was one of the leaders against the Empire, putting together a group of people in order to fight for freedom.

Our glimpse of her wasn’t enough. She also appeared in the Solo novelization meeting with Saw Gerrera who has in charge of Jyn Erso at the time. Their paths crossed with Enfys Nest giving Jyn a look at someone whose path she would follow.

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Perhaps a Solo sequel isn’t the best place for Enfys Nest. If Star Wars is creating a third Disney+ series, the tales of Enfys Nest seem like a good vehicle.

But even so, perhaps Han’s rebellious nature or even need to help out the rebels was fueled by helping Enfys Nest on side missions.

In A New Hope, Han left, but came back when needed to help Luke and the other pilots. Perhaps that was brought on by his willingness to help another members of the rebellion long before he met Luke and Leia.

It could make for a nice story.