Solo novelization connects Enfys Nest and Rogue One


A newly released excerpt helps explain how Enfys Nest is connected with the Rebel Alliance and Rogue One.

The best novelizations of the Star Wars films don’t just retell the stories fans already experienced. They add new pieces that enrich the overall story. The upcoming novelization of Solo: A Star Wars Story looks to be achieving this feat based on the excerpts that have been released.

One of the latest excerpts focus on Enfys Nest and a major connection with Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Among Solo‘s best twists was that Tobias Beckett’s arch-nemesis Enfys Nest was actually a young woman fighting to save the galaxy from crime syndicates and the Empire. Set a decade before Rogue One and A New Hope, Enfys appeared to be playing an integral role in shaping what would eventually become the Rebel Alliance.

The recently released excerpt from the Solo novelization shows more about Enfys’ relationship with known Rebels as she meets with the infamous Saw Gerrera. She delivers some of the refined coaxium to Saw, who is both surprised and impressed that she was able to acquire such a valuable resource. In his typical extremist fashion that will eventually cause him to disassociate with Mon Mothma and the larger Rebel Alliance, Saw hints that he plans to use the coaxium to brutally harm the Empire.

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Saw did not come alone, though, as he is accompanied by a young Jyn Erso, who he is still looking after and training at this point in the timeline. Enfys is wary of a young child thrust in the middle of this war. Saw justifies it by arguing–with Jyn’s input–that her youth will not protect her. As such, Jyn needs to learn about the dire threats facing the galaxy and how best to defend herself against them.

Even though their meeting is brief, Enfys realizes that Jyn is a fast learner, leaving her feeling optimistic about the future.

This excerpt is important on many levels. It provides more insight into Enfys’ relationship with the fledgling Rebellion at this point and at least one important individual to whom she was delivering critical resources like the refined coaxium. She and her Cloud-Riders were not just striking out on their own but were already involved with the larger Rebellion.

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The scene also provides a brief, yet wonderful dynamic between Enfys and Jyn. Seeing a young woman bravely taking a stand against the Empire is inspiring for Jyn, providing a different and important kind of role model in her life beyond Saw.

Enfys feeling that they are in good hands with Jyn learning so quickly is also powerful considering Jyn’s game-changing actions in Rogue One. Though she doesn’t yet know it, learning from the likes of Saw and Enfys is preparing Jyn to one day steal the Death Star plans.

The novel Rebel Rising and of course Rogue One explain what happens with Saw and Jyn in their fight against the Empire. Now the mystery of where Enfys Nest is in the decade leading up to Rogue One and A New Hope only intensifies, a mystery that will likely be answered down the line.

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We can’t wait to learn more when the complete Solo novelization is released on September 4th. Click this link to read the excerpt for yourself in addition to excerpts about Qi’ra, Dryden Vos, and L3-37.