A list of all six Star Wars prophecies in Master & Apprentice


Master & Apprentice was not just a good book, but it offered several prophecies that could have meaning in the Star Wars world. Here’s a look at the six prophecies from the book.

When Master & Apprentice came out, it was filled with a satisfying Star Wars story between Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi.

The background story offered great insight into their relationship, but it also offered us interesting information for the Star Wars canon. Claudia Gray’s book gave us new prophecies, including the one on A Chosen One.

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Here’s a list of all the prophecies found in Master & Apprentice.

Prophecy 1: “She who will be born to darkness will give birth to darkness.”

Have we run into this prophecy already? Could it be about Leia? Born to Darth Vader and then giving birth to Kylo Ren?

It’s certainly a possibility.

Prophecy 2: “When the kyber that is not kyber shines forth, the time of prophecy will be at hand.”

This seemed like something that actually happened in the book, which seems Master & Apprentice captured the start of prophecy period with the biggest leading up to the Chosen One prophecy.

Prophecy 3: “When the righteous lose the light, evil once dead shall return.”

This prophecy gets me more than most, even the Chosen One prophecy. It feels like something that could have a lot of weight behind it. Does it refer to Luke, Ben, someone else? This is a prophecy I want to dive into further.

Prophecy 4: “One will ascend to the highest of the Jedi despite the foreboding of those who would serve with him.”

Hmmmmm. Sounds like good ol’ Anakin to me.

Prophecy 5: “Only through sacrifice of many Jedi will the Order cleanse the sin done to the nameless. The danger of the past is not past, but sleeps in an egg. When the egg cracks, it will threaten the galaxy entire. When the Force itself sickens, past and future must split and combine. A Chosen One shall come, born of no father, and through him will ultimate balance in the Force be restored.”

Yep, that’s the prophecy we’ve heard the most about. But here it is written out.

Prophecy 6: He who learns to conquer death will through his greatest student live again.

This looks like one that could be directly related to Qui-Gon. It would be very interesting if while Qui-Gon was studying the prophecies, this one was about him. Or did the prophecy only become about him because he read it and learned there is another type of life after death.

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