Ranked: Top 5 most lethal local fighting forces of the Clone Wars

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Joonas Suotamo is Chewbacca in SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY.

1. Kachirho Wookiee Militia

Renowned for their incredible strength and brute force in hand to hand combat, Wookiees were a force to be reckoned with individually, but combined and organized into a cohesive, all Wookiee fighting force made them nearly unstoppable.

The Kachirho Wookiee Militia joined elements of the Republic’s 41st Elite Corps to mount a brave defense on their homeworld of Kashyyyk against a massive Separatist invasion force. Swinging in on the vines of the massive Wroshyr trees that framed the battlefront, Wookiee warriors lived up to their reputation as they tore battle droids apart with their bare hands.

The Kachirho Wookiee Militia not only possessed brute strength, but remarkable ingenuity as well. Upon the arrival of the Separatist droid army, the Militia quickly sprang into action, retrofitting their Oevvaor catamarans with weapon stabilizing systems. Although not designed for combat, these catamarans took the skies and proved to be a worthy adversary even to the more advanced Separatist airforce.

Following Order 66, members of the Kachirho Wookiee Militia assisted Jedi Master Yoda in his escape from the planet, leading to the larger Wookiee population incurring the wrath of the fledgling Empire. Eventually, Kashyyyk became a major source of slave labor for the newly formed Empire, resulting in the death of countless Wookiees throughout the duration of the Empire’s reign.

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