Star Wars: Lucasfilm shows its serious about live-action series


Want to know if shows like The Mandalorian are meant to stay? Lucasfilm’s recent hire shows it’s ready for a move to live-action series in Star Wars.

If you wondered if Lucasfilm was serious about its live-action intentions, the latest hire should let you know the Star Wars company is going for it.

Michelle Rejwan, a producer on The Rise of Skywalker, was promoted to the SVP of Development and Production, according to Deadline.

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While it doesn’t change anything immediately, it does show that Lucasfilm is going all-in on its live-action series and movies. Considering there is a lot of content coming, it’s not surprising Lucasfilm is putting the people in place to move the franchise forward.

First, there is The Mandalorian, which will premiere on Disney+ on the first day of the new streaming service. Following that, there is the Cassian Andor unnamed series and third Disney+ that hasn’t been announced yet.

Even though The Mandalorian is Star Wars’ first live-action series, it won’t be stopping there. Plus, considering Disney+ should be around for years to come, it’s going to need a lot of content.

Then, there’s the movies.

Episode IX is in post-production. It comes out this December and will wrap up the Skywalker Saga.

But starting in 2022, a new trilogy will begin with a new Star Wars movie coming every other year for the next four years. Looks like Rejwan is going to be very busy.

Giving all that Lucasfilm decimates, it makes sense to have someone focus on the live-action. There’s the animated series, comics, books, video games, merchandise, and everything in between that it has to maintain for the franchise.

We look forward to seeing what Rejwan will do in her role.

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Episode IX premieres December 20 worldwide.