Star Wars: New comics featuring Kylo, Rey, Snoke and Rose announced


The Age of Resistance comic series starts next month and we have a peek at four new releases starring Star Wars characters from the sequel trilogy.

The Marvel “Age of” miniseries has been a popular Star Wars series since it started.

It has featured several characters from throughout the saga and now it’s time for the sequel trilogy characters to get the spotlight. Marvel announced the next characters of the Age of Resistance miniseries will feature sequel trilogy characters such as Snoke, Kylo Ren, Rey and Rose starting next month.

More from Star Wars Comics showed off the covers by Phil Noto and they look amazing.

These are stories Star Wars fans should really look forward to as they will add to the canon and  context to the characters’ lives. Based on the descriptions, here’s what we could expect from each of the four issues.

Star Wars: Age of Resistance – Rose Tico No. 1

For Rose, we get to see her and her sister Paige in action. In The Last Jedi, we briefly met Paige who was killed in the beginning of the movie as she sacrificed herself to get the bombs out of the ship in what turned out to be a disaster for the Resistance.

This comic will show their relationship, and give context to the loss Rose felt in Episode VIII.

Star Wars: Age of Resistance – Supreme Leader Snoke No. 1

This is one I’m looking forward to because I want to know more about this mysterious character. I hoped we would get that in The Last Jedi, but we got nothing.

Though the comic focuses on Snoke and Kylo Ren’s training, there should be some details, some insight into who Snoke is.

Star Wars: Age of Resistance – Rey No. 1

Apparently, there was more to looking for Luke than Rey jumping in the Millennium Falcon and heading to Ahch-To. This story takes a look at Rey, Leia Chewbacca and R2-D2 during their search.

Star Wars: Age of Resistance – Kylo Ren No. 1 didn’t offer much in the way of what this comic will be about. It pretty much just described the torment Kylo Ren has consistently gone through as the grandson of Darth Vader.

Perhaps, they’re being secretive for a reason, but they also won’t give away too much in the comic three months before The Rise of Skywalker comes out on December 20.

There should be more characters in the series since it does start next month, but all four of those comics aren’t set to come out until September.

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Which of the four comics are you most looking forward to reading?