J.J. Abrams revealed the entire plot of Rise of Skywalker to Daisy Ridley in public — and then the plot changed


Daisy Ridey said J.J. Abrams revealed the plot of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker in public to her, but those thinking they know what will happen are in a for surprise.

J.J. Abrams should have issued a spoiler alert for the people sitting nearby.

Daisy Ridley said she met Abrams at a cafe to discuss Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker months before filming started, at which point he outlined the movie’s entire plot.

“J.J. was like, ‘Hey, wanna meet up?’ I was like, ‘Sure. Yeah, I wanna hear the story'” Ridley said during a Wednesday appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

“This was a few months before we started (filming), and we were in a public, you know, cafe. And he fully told me the story, start to finish, and he was speaking at a normal volume. And I was like ‘People can hear us!’ But regardless, the story changed. So he told me the thing and then a few months later, it changed.”

It’s intriguing to consider how the movie’s plot may have shifted. Filming for the movie began on Aug. 1, 2018 and wrapped in February.

Ridley, who called the movie “epic,” discussed her last day on set.

“I wept, I was an embarrassment. I can’t remember a thing,” she told Fallon, saying co-star John Boyega gave his speech before hers, then Abrams passed her the microphone. “And that’s basically all I can remember.”

During her Tonight Show appearance, Ridley — who stars as Rey in Episodes VII, VIII and IX — also rapped Lil’ Kim’s verse of the 2001 hit song “Lady Marmalade.”

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Star Wars: Episode IX is scheduled to release worldwide on December 20.