Star Wars: Finn was always a rebel at heart a past story reaffirms


The newest Star Wars comic shows Finn has always been a rebel at heart, even while working within the First Order.

Even though Finn was seen questioning whether he wanted to be part of the Resistance, the once-Stormtrooper was always a rebel at heart a new Star Wars comic revealed.

In Marvel’s Age of Resistance Finn No. 1, we get to see him as a janitor, which was his job within the First Order. He barely interacts with others although he’s still goofy not knowing whether to hold his mop when Kylo Ren and Captain Phasma come walking through his corridor.

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An issue forces Finn on another job as part of the clean up crew.

Even though Finn saves his captain’s life from nasty flying creatures, his unconventional method left his commanding officer unhappy.

Basically, Finn set him on fire to get the flying creatures away. But the suit was heat resistant, so he the captain was safe!

Finn’s quick thinking saved his captain’s life, but that kind of thinking is frowned upon in the First Order.

Finn realized the flying creatures were native species to the tunnel the First Order was trying to clear out. When he tried to explain that, Finn was threatened with a garbage supervision detail that would last weeks.

Was Finn scared of that? Nope.

He used that to his advantage. He irked his commanding officer even more and was put on a garbage detail. Finn used that detail to relocate the native species to the garbage moon where more of their kind lived.

See, he really is a big softy.

Marvel Comics: Star Wars Age of Resistance: Finn No. 1 Photo Credit: Ramon Rosanas/Marvel Comics

That kind of thinking and action would have gotten him kicked out (or dead) from the First Order anyway.

The comic showed us that Finn has always been a rebel at heart. He’s inventive, quick on his feet and willing to help out those in need — even defenseless creatures that are being kicked out of their home.

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Star Wars Age of Resistance Finn No. 1 is available in comic stores now.