We have an idea who could play Mara Jade and it’s not who you might think


In recent weeks, we’ve gotten a look at what Brie Larson would look like as a Jedi in Star Wars. She and Marvel costar Samuel L. Jackson are onboard with the idea. But, what if she played a certain Emperor’s Hand turned Jedi Master?

Brie Larson has made it big since appearing in two huge Marvel films this year. The Academy Ad winner who starred in Captain Marvel and as Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel alongside Star Wars alumni Samuel L. Jackson (Mace Windu) has been making the rounds on Instagram with a mock-up of what she would look like as Jedi.

Fans were on board with this and we have to agree, but what if she actually did play a role in a Star Wars movie? What if she played Mara Jade?

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Who is Mara Jade?

For those who don’t know who Mara Jade is, here’s a quick introduction.

Introduced in the Legends novel, Heir to the Empire, Mara served as the Emperor’s personal assassin, tasked with taking out Luke Skywalker. Over time, they teamed up and were constantly at each other’s throats.

Eventually, they fell in love and married with Mara taking her husband’s last name, becoming Mara Jade Skywalker. They eventually had a son, Ben, named after Luke’s late mentor Obi-Wan “Ben” Kenobi.

Mara was later killed by her nephew, Jacen Solo, after his turn to the Dark Side. Her niece and Darth Caedus’s twin sister, Jaina avenged her death by killing her brother.


When Keri Russell was cast in Episode IX, fans immediately suspected her character would be Mara Jade. However, Vanity Fair released a first look at the upcoming film and revealed Russell’s character was an original character named Zorri Bliss.

How Mara Could Be Introduced In Canon?

If Mara Jade were to be introduced into a future canon film and if Brie Larson were to play her, than it would be very different to her original introduction. The Emperor has long since died, though it might be possible for her to appear as an ally of the First Order if it isn’t totally destroyed in Episode IX.

However, there could be a chance that she’s introduced in The Mandalorian under the guise of a bounty hunter after the destruction of the second Death Star. How awesome would that be?

If we had to choose a way for her to come into canon, we think there would be massive changes. First off, she would be much younger, so not the same age as Luke, Leia, or Han. Maybe about as old as Kylo Ren, perhaps?

As for her entrance, we think she would appear in a video game or comic first before making her big screen debut. Anything Force related would be the way to go. They could go down the non-Force user route, but it would further eliminate any reference to her original counterpart.

Physical Appearance

Every Legends fan knows Mara Jade as the fiery redhead with green eyes. Brie Larson could easily wear a convincing wig or dye her hair. Or there could be a chance and the character doesn’t possess those physical traits. Though the last thing she would want are the ‘hardcore fans’ complaining and saying “Why isn’t  Mara a redhead? We’re boycotting!” A large majority of the fanbase wouldn’t care what the character looked like, as long as the character appeared in Canon.

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If we could have Brie Larson as Mara Jade, we’d be a very happy fandom. Sure, she’s not the first person you’d think of to play the character but if she can kick butt as Captain Marvel, then she can certainly take on the fiery Mara Jade.

What do you guys think? Could Brie Larson play Mara Jade? Sound off below!