SDCC 2019: The Star Wars highlights from Friday’s panels


Friday was Star Wars day at San Diego Comic-Con. Here are the highlights from the SDCC panels and show.

While there wasn’t a Star Wars panel dedicated to Episode IX or The Mandalorian at San Diego Comic-Con this year, there were a number of highlights coming from the various panels on Friday.

This year’s, SDCC panels focused more on merchandise with talks about collectibles, comics and more. There were also panels of discussions around Star Wars, in general, and less on breaking news.

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We can’t all be The Walking Dead this year.

However, here are the highlights from SDCC:


Collectibles have a broad range of meaning. Essentially, they’re anything you don’t wear and are not toys. At the Star Wars collectibles panel, Lucasfilm senior manager or product development Brian Marten showcased collectibles on the horizon.

Some of the highlights included the upcoming Sith Trooper merchandise in which Star Wars started its campaign for the Episode IX stormtrooper recently.

But the biggest highlight from this panel was the Boba Fett mask.

EFX Collectibles is creating a replica Boba Fett mask. It was able to create it by taking a mold of the original mask. So Star Wars fans will be getting a chance to own an amazing replica piece of their favorite bounty hunter.


Speaking of helmets, Hasbro has its own Boba Fett Black Series helmet on the way. The company also went through the painstaking task of using the original prop to create its helmet.

On the panel, Hasbro revealed there are also more Galaxy of Adventures figures on the way and a Hyper Real Luke is also slated.

Sith Trooper

The Sith Troopers were everywhere. Lucasfilm is pushing its new stromtrooper hard at SDCC this year. The red Sith Troopers are on t-shirts, figures, backpacks, trading cards, images and more.

We don’t know the exact role of the Sith Trooper, but with a name like that, it can’t be anything good. See a peek of the Sith Trooper here.

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While we didn’t a Clone Wars Saved moment this year, what has been your favorite San Diego Comic-Con moment so far?