Star Wars: Episode IX: The final shot will “melt your mind”


Kevin Smith had a chance to see the final shot of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, but backed away when J.J. Abrams told him he wanted him to remain surprised.

With so much to wrap up in Star Wars: Episode IX, it seems director J.J. Abrams is not wasting any precious minutes including the final ones.

Director Kevin Smith had a chance to be on The Rise of Skywalker set and nearly saw the final shot of the movie. However, Abrams stopped him because he wanted to keep as many people as he can surprised.

Smith told IGN:

"“There was a scuttlebutt about the set there at Pinewood [Studios],” Smith said. “They’re like ‘you have to see this. When you see it, it will melt your mind.’ So I ask J.J., ‘they keep telling me I should see the set.’ He’s like ‘don’t. It’s the last shot of the movie.’"

We have no idea what it could possibly be. Could it have been a reunion of the Skywalker clan? Perhaps there were some actors Abrams didn’t want to Smith or anyone else to see (I’m looking at you Hayden Christensen).

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Of course, I’m just speculating because I really have no idea what is happening in the final shot that Abrams didn’t want Smith to see. But it does leave me all the more intrigued.

Lucasfilm has been very closeted when it comes to information on The Rise of Skywalker. Even though there are less than five months to go until the start of the film, fans still haven’t gotten much about the the final movie of the Skywalker Saga.

Fans received a teaser trailer at Star Wars Celebration with the implication that Emperor Palpatine is back. While at San Diego Comic-Con, Lucasfilm heavily promoted the new Sith Trooper that will appear in Episode IX.

And that’s it.

There haven’t been any other reveals or big leaks since. Even the Vanity Fair cover story was pretty tame when it came to learning more about The Rise of Skywalker. We got a couple of names and great imagery from it, but nothing on Palpatine or plot.

Perhaps Abrams and company just doesn’t want to melt our minds before the big day.

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Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker is scheduled to come out on December 20.