Star Wars No. 69: Triple-fronted attack sees rebels across the galaxy


Han and Leia on a honeymoon? Kind of, but that’s what you can expect and more in Star Wars No. 69.

The last Star Wars issue brought us right up to the timeline of The Empire Strikes Back. The rebels are working across the galaxy, but are separated in three different missions.

If this was a TV show, Star Wars No. 69 would feel like a filler episode. Not much happens, but a lot of set up for what’s to come during this arc.

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We start with Han Solo and Princess Leia on Lanz Carpo trying to take down the Carpo Crime Syndicate. But it’s not as smooth as maybe the two were hoping. Remember, The Empire Strikes Back is when Han and Leia kiss for the first time, but there was a lot of tension between them leading up to that moment.

In the time between A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back something has happened between these two. While we didn’t need the details filled in because our imagination is good at doing that, the Star Wars-title comics are giving us the details.

We’ve met one of Leia’s ex-boyfriends on the planet and Han and Leia are supposed to trust him in order to take down the Carpo Crime Syndicate. Yet, rather than discuss the dangers they will be facing, Han and Leia are instead dealing with the jealousy and unspoken feelings.

It’s clouded both of their minds and they’re not seeing what’s happening around them.

The chemistry between these two still jumps off the pages.

When we get to Luke Skywalker’s mission, it’s a quick reminder just who and what the rebels are up against. Luke is avoiding probe droids that are looking for a rebel base across the galaxy.

He destroys one to keep the rebels on Sergia safe. While he can protect them against a small droid, a star destroyer that has made its way to the planet is a different story.

During Luke’s adventures, he meets Warba, a woman who finds herself in trouble while playing cards in a local cantina. She clearly knows more about Luke than he knows about her and their meeting didn’t seem as though it was an accident. Warba also implies she might be a Force user

Poor Chewbacca and C-3PO are in Wild Space together and have met some strange rock people. It’s hostile, it’s crazy and Threepio can’t talk himself out of this one. They’re a fun team up because they are complete opposites yet they work well together picking up the slack where the other ends.

This is the part that also separates the Imperials from the rebels. Once they realize sentient life is on the planet that they intended to blow up once Imperials got there, they decided to cancel their mission.

They had no desire to kill innocent beings — even if they were aggressive. Though all’s fair in war as the Imperials are fair game.

The triple-fronted attack is interesting because it puts all the characters in perfect positioning for their personality types and their strengths. But this comic issue is a little slow since it’s all about building suspense for what’s to come.

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Star Wars No. 70 comes out on August 7.