Star Wars Resistance: Could Ezra or Thrawn show up in Season 2?


Could Star Wars Resistance allow for fan favorites to return? Perhaps not right away, but there are opportunities to see Thrawn or Ezra again.

Star Wars Resistance could open the door for fan-favorite characters to return – especially since we never got closure.

Recently, Callum Gunn touched on the topic after reading Thrawn: Treason. We are getting more backstory for the blue alien, but the last we knew of him is that he and Ezra were sent off to someplace unknown.

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It’s presumed they’re still alive, but we don’t know much else than that.

What if they’re still alive and wind up in Season 2 of Star Wars Resistance? I’ll admit, it’s pretty far-fetched, but the thought popped into mind as Thrawn: Treason explored a bit of the Unknown Regions, what is out there and thinking about how we have no idea where the Colossus is headed in Season 2.

Here’s the scenario: The people on board to Colossus have no idea where they are going. They might be going to D’Qar or they someplace else since Neeku may have put in the their coordinates wrong before jumping into hyperspace.

Now, the Star Wars Resistance Season 2 premiere was actually shown at Star Wars Celebration in April. So, exactly what happens to them is revealed. If you want to read spoilers, you can go here.

What we do know is that the second season takes place during The Last Jedi, but we never see Kaz and company in the movie, so they don’t wind up on D’Qar.

Perhaps, their travels, which we already know are unpredictable, will have them wind up in the unknown regions and collide with Ezra and Thrawn.

Again, it’s certainly not likely, but Star Wars can’t keep Ezra out of our lives forever.

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Star Wars Resistance returns last this year with new episodes.