Star Wars Resistance: Is Kylo Ren reveal too little too late?


The latest trailer for the final season of Star Wars Resistance has released with a host of reaction videos on YouTube. With the biggest drawcard in Season Two’s trailer being none other than Supreme Leader Kylo Ren, is there really anything beyond this worth watching?

Star Wars animated TV shows have been very well-received by audiences but one can’t help but think that with only two seasons in, Star Wars Resistance isn’t one of them.

With the phenomenal Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels leading the way towards animated greatness, Star Wars Resistance doesn’t seem to measure up to the same standard, even though the show was nominated for an Emmy.

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Will, the recent reveal of Kylo Ren in season two, be enough to draw in the fans?

What is it about Star Wars Resistance that seems to be lacking? Are the episodes not exciting enough? Is the main antagonist just not heroic enough? Why was it cancelled after two seasons? Questions linger without considerable answers, but the questions remain. My fellow writer and editor, Susan Lulgjuraj, talks more about this in-depth if you’re interested, check out her article about the cancellation of Star Wars Resistance.

From a personal viewpoint, Star Wars Resistance isn’t that interesting. The show was created for a younger audience and looking at the characters and the storyline as a whole; it’s not adding any value to what we already know from the sequel trilogy.

Just like the Skywalker Saga comes to an end this year, there won’t be any need to continue a story about Kaz and his friends adventuring into danger and mayhem all the while running from The First Order, especially if the First Order ceases to exist.

As an audience, we’re left with the fact that Kylo Ren is the only interesting thing to see in the second season, which is more than a little disappointing. We’ve probably already seen the majority of Kylo Ren’s scenes from the next season through the trailer released days ago. Why should any Star Wars sequel fan even bother beyond that?

We’re hoping for a strong finish for Star Wars Resistance, but we’re not entirely sure that’s what we’ll get. Only time will tell, and by then, most of us will be well and truly be in The Rise of Skywalker’s grip, and nothing else will matter.

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If you agree or disagree with us about Star Wars Resistance, why not let us know why in the comments below?