Disney+ available in select countries and streaming devices at launch


Disney+ will be in five countries after the first week of launch and be able to be stream on nearly every popular device — except a big one.

The Disney+ hype train has officially launched. It has created social media accounts for followers to get the latest info and news is trickling out on where fans can get the service.

It will launch in the U.S., Canada and Netherlands on the first day. Then a week later, will be available in Australia and New Zealand.

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While Disney+ will be available as a streaming service, which will also be found on Apple, Google and Roku, there is one place fans won’t be able to access the streaming service.

That’s through Amazon FireTV, and according to Fortune, it’s is one of the biggest streaming platforms out there.

Amazon has a number of channels available through FireTV including Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go and more. But Disney+ is left off and we can only speculate as to why.

As the streaming war heats up, there may be some services that will look to limit their competition. Perhaps that’s the case with Amazon and Disney. Amazon has its own studio with original programming.

Maybe it doesn’t want to compete with Disney+, a highly anticipated streaming outlet.

Or maybe Disney is limiting where it will found right away as it goes through its global rollout.

There’s no way to know the real reason behind Disney+ not being available on FireTV, but regardless fans are going to know where to find it.

For Star Wars fans, Disney+ will include so many features that it’s going to be a good $6.99/month investment. Most of the Star Wars movies will be on there and the first episode of The Mandalorian will available on Day 1.

Though if you’re in other parts of the world other than the U.S., Canada, Netherland, New Zealand and Australia, you’re going to be waiting some time until he you can your Disney+ fix.

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Do you plan on getting Disney+ when it launches?