Star Wars: New poster revealed for The Mandalorian


A new poster has been revealed for Star Wars’ The Mandalorian. It’s gritty, dark and it has binary sunsets!

Things are finally starting to heat up for Star Wars’ The Mandalorian.

With D23 kicking off today — and a trailer expected later today — we’re seeing preview merch and a new poster from Disney was revealed. Check it out below:

It’s simplistic, but with just enough details to give us a really good idea of what The Mandalorian will be all about — and it’s everything executive producer Jon Favreau has been saying up to this point.

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It’s gritty, it will have a Western-feel, and should have a lot of call backs to the original Star Wars trilogy.

First off, the binary sunset.

That the first thing that immediately pops out to me as I look at this poster. You can’t help but see that and think of Luke Skywalker and contemplating his future on Tatooine as he stares at the binary sunset.

It’s meant to make us think of that, but the difference here is the Mandalorian is walking away from the subset while Luke look toward it.

I’m not reading anything too much into it — ok, I probably am — but I think that’s telling of the character. While Luke had a bright future ahead of him as part of the force, the Mandalorian is walking through the darker areas of the Star Wars galaxy.

There’s already a few little nuggets to pick up from the poster. Also, the tuning fork. This has been teased by Favreau since he starte filming The Mandalorian. But that’s not to say we don’t love seeing it. It’s contrasted because it’s so dark against the darkening sky with the sunset.

There are also sand crawlers in the background, another great call back.

We also get the idea we are seeing this moment as an outsider, kind of getting a peek into something we maybe aren’t supposed to see or right before something big is about to happen.

Because the Mandalorian is imposing.

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What do you think of the new poster?