Did Dave Filoni just confirm Ahsoka will be in The Mandalorian?


Star Wars fans have been wondering if a live-action version of Ahsoka will ever make it to the small screen. We may finally have an … answer?

Dave Filoni — creator, writer, and now director of some of our most beloved and soon-to-be favorite Star Wars shows — is having a hard time keeping secrets from us.

At D23, he was asked if any of his animated characters from past shows could make it into future live-action projects. In quite possibly the best “I legally can’t give you a straight answer to your very simple question” reaction you will ever see, Filoni let out a nervous laugh (an actual “heehee”).

“You know … never say never,” he said after doing that thing where he almost throws all NDAs to the wind and screams “YES!” but changes his mind at the last second.

Very Dave Filoni of him.

This doesn’t technically confirm that we will see live-action versions of certain animated Star Wars characters in the series. It also does not confirm that we won’t.

We’re getting serious “Filoni hides behind his hat” vibes here. You know, from back in April when Star Wars Celebration’s The Clone Wars panel featured an entire cast of excited voice actors who did their very best not to say too much (and almost failed).

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If Ahsoka were to appear in the series, it’s also possible that other Rebels characters could appear alongside her — especially Sabine Wren, who was a Mandalorian warrior. A show called The Mandalorian absolutely has room for more of those.

It’s no secret that Jon Favreau and Filoni are relying on each other to make this series the best it can possibly be. If that means bringing animated favorites into live-action, we’re all here for it.

In Filoni we trust. May the Force be with him. Always.

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The Mandalorian will launch the same day as Disney+. You can start streaming on November 12.