Star Wars: A new image from The Mandalorian reveals Trandoshans

Pedro Pascal is The Mandalorian in the Disney+ series THE MANDALORIAN.
Pedro Pascal is The Mandalorian in the Disney+ series THE MANDALORIAN. /

Entertainment Weekly provided a new picture from The Mandalorian showing Pablo Pascal’s character fighting a few familiar Star Wars characters.

We got a new look at The Mandalorian featuring an image of Pedro Pascal’s Star Wars character fighting a familair alien species.

The image comes from a first look from Entertainment Weekly. It reveals two Trandoshans fighting Pablo Pascal’s character — but the funny thing about the image is that they look like toy figures.

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I’ll be on the look out during the series to see if this picture actually pops up or if maybe they are actually toys.

The picture doesn’t actually tell us much. The aliens are a little off from the Trandoshans we have seen before such as Bossk. But they are going to be in the show, which is exciting for a lot of Star Wars fans.

It goes to show that Jon Favreau is using lots of Easter eggs and many of the things that helped people fall in love with Star Wars as part of the live-action series he has created for Disney+.

We have seen Boba Fett’s tuning fork from the holiday special, another IG droid (IG-11 instead of IG-88), stormtroopers, a prisoner in carbonite and so much more. I’m sure every episode will feature some kind of cool Easter egg. It’s just one of the things that we will look out for.

Many of the Easter eggs or throwbacks have gone back to The Empire Strikes Back when Darth Vader had several bounty hunters with him, including Boba Fett, IG-88, Bossk and others. It was an interesting scene that resonated with fans.

Now, we get to see many of those characters in a new light or in different context.

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The Mandalorian will premiere on Disney+ on November 12.