Marvel Star Wars releases art for last issue, Star Wars: Empire Ascendant


The Star Wars comic series is coming to an end. Here’s a look at what the final issues will look like.

Star has released the cover art for the final installment of the long series comic seriesThe long running series will end with issue No. 75, in a one-off story titled Empire Ascendant.

Details have surfaced on what exactly the comics narrative will focus on. The folks gave an outline on how the story of issue No. 1 of this one shot will play out:

"Star Wars: Empire Ascendant #1 finds the Rebel Alliance — Luke Skywalker, Leia Organa, and Han Solo among them — building up Echo Base on the ice planet of Hoth while Darth Vader tries to locate the headquarters in vain. In addition to acting as an epilogue to the Star Wars flagship comic run, which followed the continuing adventures of our heroes after the events of Star Wars: A New Hope, the special one-shot will also address the fates of Doctor Aphra and Beilert Valance."

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A brilliant team has been put to task to create a fitting send off for the long running series. It is set to be a 56-page epic. Riccardo Federici is the man behind the cover art and he did a great job recapturing the romanticism of the movie posters from the original trilogy.

You can have a look at the artwork here.

So there we have it, another stretch of time within arc of the original trilogy is filled. If you ever had questions about what our heroes were up to during this time period you now have the answers. The original arc of this run of comics started in 2015, the arc revolving around the search for a new Rebel base. Ascendant ties up this story line as Leia discovers Echo Base on the planet Hoth.

Disney has been ending all the familiar tales, to make way for newer adventures, and Marvel’s Star Wars series is no exception.

Fans will be able to get their hands on a copy if Empire Ascendant before Christmas. The final issue is set to be released this December.

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