Star Wars: This retired LEGO figure comes with a hefty price tag


Yoda love News York, and LEGO fans loves this minifigurine. This Star Wars toy comes with an impressive secondary market value.

In 2013 those who purchased the LEGO set 9493, X-wing Starfighter at the Toys”R” Us in Times Square New York City received the now retired LEGO Star Wars I Love NY Yoda minifig.  Some lucky fans were able to get their hands on a retired LEGO Yoda minifig, which was limited to only 1,000.

What makes this Yoda minifig different from ones we’ve seen before?

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Why his love for New York that is! It’s Jedi Master Yoda wearing a classic I Love NY white shirt but in true Yoda fashion the shirt actually reads NY I Love. Donned in tan pants, Yoda is trading his lightsaber for an adventure in the big city.

In 2014, the website Mentalfloss compiled a list of 20 Very Rare (And Very Really Expensive) LEGO Minifigures. On the list the LEGO Star Wars I Love NY Yoda minifigure was posted as being worth between $200 and $250. That is enough to raise some eyebrows.

By visiting the economics of LEGO Brick Economy website you can find that very same Yoda minifigure at the value of $597.97! The annual growth is listed at +32.20% and future growth listed at +14.49% (2-3 years).

May the Force be with you trying to find this retired Jedi Master LEGO minifig. A quick Google search will take you to custom-made minifigures and others that don’t quite match the original. The differences in green skin tone alone are a dead giveaway.

Not to mention changes to Yoda’s face, as well as the fact that the original does not come with a lightsaber, cannot go unnoticed. If you try to click the Amazon link from the Mentalfloss website you will find that this minifig is currently unavailable.

If you happen to already have or are able to find this limited edition LEGO minifigure then lucky are you.

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Do you have this Star Wars LEGO minifigure? Which LEGO minifigures do you think will be worth money one day? Leave your answers in the comment section below! I would love to read them!