Star Wars Resistance: When does Season 2 premiere?


The animated series Star Wars Resistance comes back for a second season. Get the details on when you can start watching the new show.

Star Wars Resistance returns for its second and final season this weekend, giving us some much-wanted content from the Star Wars universe.

Star Wars Resistance Season 2 premieres October 6 at 6 pm ET on Disney XD. It will air later that night at 10 pm ET on The Disney Channel.

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The first season left off on a cliffhanger with the crew of the Colossus heading into the unknown. They escaped the First Order, but don’t know what they will find when they finally land since the coordinates weren’t put in properly when the launched.

Yet that isn’t their only problem. Kaz, Yeager and Neeku’s friend Tam is so angry with the lies from her friends that she has decided to join the First Order. Kaz was a spy for the Resistance and only Yeager knew about it.

It looked as though Kaz was getting special treatment from Yeager — and he was — despite being an inept mechanic. Tam was passed over from flying in leiu of Kaz. Watching the progression of her levels of hurt due to the lies and deceit, it’s not surprising she is on the path she is. It seems the First Order were the first ones to actually tell her the truth.

And they did. But along with showing great might, the First Order is also good at manipulation and tapping into the fears and insecurities to bring people to their side.

But we know the First Order truly is evil.

The timeline should take place during The Last Jedi and lead up to The Rise of Skywalker. There will also be familiar faces throughout the season similarly to the first season.

In this case, we get a Kylo Ren appearance, but I don’t think Adam Driver is doing the voice for him.

Watch the Star Wars Resistance Season 2 trailer and get ready for the season premiere on October 6.

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Watch Star Wars Resistance on Disney XD, The Disney Channel or Disney NOW on Sundays.