Star Wars Resistance: An epic fire fight highlights the season finale


The Star Wars Resistance season finale answered important questions, but where does that leave Team Fireball for Season 2.

In the face of tragedy, heroes rise to the occasion. Kazuto Xiono showed he is a hero on Star Wars Resistance.

Kaz witnessed his home world of Hosnian Prime being destroyed and had a moment of despair. He had Torra by his side who urged him to move on, which he did and saved Captain Doza and Yeager.

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Then, things got interesting.

In the season finale of Star wars Resistance, Team Fireball created a plan to rid the Colossus of the First Order. It was a risky plan that involved Kaz and Torra cutting it close in flooded out corridors, but in the end, they managed to flush out the First Order.

But the importance of getting the First Order off the platform was more than just getting rid of the bad guys. In order to escape, they had to get the water out of the Colossus so they could use the platform for its real use – as a starship.

The plan walked extremely well. Corridor by corridor, Neeku flushed water while opening hatches to evacuate the water with any stromtroopers with it. The First Order realized they were being outmatched inside, so it took the air and brought a more aggressive approach to dealing with the platform.

As the Colossus slowly ascended toward space, a First Order star destroyer appeared above it and attacked it while all around a firefight ensued.

That part of the episode was fantastic. First, the aces plus Kaz and Yeager zipped across the sky shooting down TIE fighters. But Team Fireball wasn’t alone. Synara and the pirates showed up as did Aunt Z and Hype Fazon with their own cruiser. They teamed together to fight off the First Order, which allowed the Colossus to jumped into hyper space and escape.

Great. … But not so great.

Kaz had given Neeku the coordinates to get to the home of Resistance. But Neeku had a problem and didn’t enter the coordinates correctly and the first season of Star Wars Resistance ended with the Colossus headed toward the unknown.

A great ending to a season that got progressively better as it went on. The finale showcased how important family is – even if they’re not blood related. Banning together and fighting the good fight does mean you can win, even if it just a battle.

But escaping the First Order is not the only thing happened.

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Tam’s decision

As the Colossus made its move to space, the First Order still on the ship decided it was time to go. Commander Pyre, Agent Tierney and Tam were headed to a ship to leave when Kaz and Yeager interrupted.

Kaz and Yeager tried to get her to choose them over the First Order. And Tam had a moment where she had to decide: Go with Team Fireball, who had lied to her since Kaz came on board, or go with the First Order of which none of them actually lied to her.

Tam chose the First Order.

While it’s not a decision others would make, it’s not difficult to see why Tam made hers.

Despite being told great things, Yeager lied to her about everything since Kaz came on the team. We know why he lied to her, but that doesn’t mean it was right. If Yeager had trusted her the way he said he did, he would have told her the truth.

Granted spy work is risky business and this is one of the consequences of pretending to be someone you’re not.

This is also sets up a number of storylines for Star Wars Resistance Season 2. With Tam joining the First Order, Kaz and company are not just fighting nameless, faceless enemies, but one of their own.

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