Star Wars: What will the few survivors of Hosnian Prime do now?


What will the survivors of Hosnian Prime do now? With Kaz’s father showing up in Star Wars Resistance it makes us wonder what will happen next.

Star Wars Resistance offered a pleasant surprise in this week’s episode. Kaz got a message from his father, who revealed his family was alive after the destruction of Hosnian Prime that we witnessed in Season 1 (and in The Force Awakens).

Kaz’s family was off world at the time of the attack and are likely some of the few survivors of Hosnian Prime – something Leia can easily relate to. Even though you would think there would have been much more joyous reunion, there was still a lot of tension.

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Kaz is on the run from the First Order and highly targeted asset given that he helped the Colossus escape. Rather than a tearful reunion, Kaz’s father tried to urge his son to stop working for the Resistance because there is a bounty on his head and he has also put his family in danger.

Yet, it got me thinking about the New Republic, which was mostly destroyed.

Senators travel a lot, just like Kaz’s dad and Leia did before she developed the Resistance. It’s likely there were a lot more senators off world when the First Order attacked. Not all, but a good handful.

There’s a chance Leia has more allies than she realizes, but those senators who survived are probably trying to ensure their home worlds are safe first and foremost.

Something like the destruction of Hosnian Prime doesn’t happen without people wanting to do something about it.

It’s an awful tragedy that will turn some to the side of the First Order, but also fuel the anger and resolve of the Resistance and its allies.

Perhaps the ones who are still alive – like Kaz’s father — are going in hiding with the point that they live to fight for another day.

At least that’s how I imagine this all going. There are going to be some who decide to run to the far reaches of the galaxy, hoping that one day the First Order won’t make it that far or will be defeated while they’re gone. Others will attempt to stay neutral and still others will join up with the First Order because it’s easier than fighting.

With Kaz’s family still alive, it opens a lot of possibilities as to what the survivors of Hosnian Prime will do now.

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