Star Wars: Ewan McGregor reveals details on Obi-Wan series


Ewan McGregor revealed some new details on his upcoming Star Wars series on Disney+. What’s it about? How long will it be? Find out!

Ewan McGregor has known for the last four years that he would eventually be back as Obi-Wan Kenobi. He just didn’t know how the Star Wars character would come back.

McGregor revealed these details and more about the future Disney+ series in an interview with Men’s Journal.

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While the news that McGregor would be eventually be Obi-Wan again didn’t shock many fans — we’ve been hearing these rumors for years too — there were a few tidbits the actor revealed, even though he couldn’t really say a lot.

So what did we learn from the Men’s Journal interview.


The show will take place between Episodes III and IV. While that news was already revealed, McGregor did offer other insight by bringing up Order 66.

Order 66 saw Jedis killed throughout the galaxy, leaving a few who managed to escape into hiding including Obi-Wan. That time of his life was reeling with horrible emotions from the fall out of losing Anakin to the Dark Side. Then just dealing with the aftermath of his fellow Jedi being slaughtered in a tragic act by Palpatine.

And even with all that tragedy, Kenobi still had the duty of watching over Luke Skywalker. So he still has work to do even if everything around him has fallen apart.

Length of series

McGregor also let us know that the show would be six hours long — so six episodes.

This is a good number and more than we would have gotten with a movie. That would have been just two hours, instead it’s tripled.

Who knows if there will be a second season, but there is room for more stories to be told because there is a lot of time between Episode III and IV that could be explored.

Rewatching Star Wars

McGregor did tell Men’s Journal he hadn’t rewatched the prequel movies since he was in them, but he’s going to remedy that. Probably to get back into character.

While the details weren’t deep, they were enough to start to tickle of excitement for the Obi-Wan Kenobi series. We just have to get past The Mandalorian and Episode IX first.

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The untitled Obi-Wan Kenobi series will appear on Disney+ in the future.