Jedi: Fallen Order is bringing back a character from Vader: Dark Lord of the Sith comic


One of the villains Jedi: Fallen Order players will fight is a sinister character already familiar to some Star Wars fans.

Star Wars fans have been waiting for over a year to finally get their hands on Respawn Entertainment’s post-Return of the Jedi video game.

But that’s nothing compared to how many years have passed since beloved Star Wars games like Knights of the Old Republic were released.

These single-player, story-focused experiences captivated players instantly. Now, we anxiously await the November 15 release of a new Star Wars video game that could restore our faith in the future of games set in our favorite galaxy far, far away.

Jedi: Fallen Order — but that’s probably a good thing. Especially if you’re the kind of gamer who prefers to be surprised, excited, or disappointed on your own spoiler-free terms.

From the gameplay footage and trailers we have seen so far, however, there are a few key story elements we do know a little about. Including the identity of a villain who might already be familiar to some Star Wars fans.

Cal, the protagonist and main playable character in this single-player story, is a former Padawan who miraculously escaped the aftermath of Order 66.

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But even though he is alive, there is no guarantee that he is safe. Darth Vader’s Inquisitorius, a group at least partially made up of fallen Jedi who have been given the task of hunting down and eliminating any and all survivors of the Jedi Purge.

The Inquisitors were seen in Star Wars Rebels, but also appeared in the Darth Vader: Dark Lord of the Sith comic that began its run in 2017.

The Second Sister is the Inquisitor that appears in the above trailer, and is said to be a former Jedi who now serves Vader and Emperor Palpatine. She had a particular knack for always knowing her opponent’s next move, which made defeating her much more of a challenge for the surviving Jedi who had the misfortune of having to fight her.

Not much is known about her other than what we’ve seen from the comic. But it’s possible we will learn more about her — and possibly her backstory — in Fallen Order.

Some fans speculate that the Second Sister is actually Barriss Offee, the former Jedi responsible for Ahsoka Tano deciding to leave the Jedi Order, but this has never been officially addressed or confirmed.

Along with the Second Sister, players of the game will also get to fight Purge Troopers, a special class of Imperial infantry who assist the Inquisitorius with their deadly tasks. Plenty of other obstacles and enemies await you — are you ready?

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Are you planning on playing Jedi: Fallen Order when it comes out on November 15? What are you looking forward to most about the game?