Star Wars: 4 characters who could appear in the Cassian Andor series?


Diego Luna and Alan Tudyk have both confirmed they are reprising their roles as Cassian and K-2SO in an upcoming Star Wars Disney+ series. Who else could appear?

We didn’t get nearly enough of Diego Luna or his Star Wars persona Cassian Andor in just one movie. And even though we don’t know when it’s coming, a series starring Luna is coming to Disney+ sometime in the next year or so.

The series will take place during “the formative years of the Rebellion” prior to Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Which means we’re going to get to see Cassian — and one of our favorite sarcastic robot masterminds K-2SO — in action once more.

We don’t know much about this series other than it’s being called a “spy thriller,” which is exactly the kind of Star Wars content we didn’t know we needed in TV show form. But the expanded universe has provided some — but not much — insight into what and who we might encounter along the way.

We know Cassian has gone by more than one name throughout his life as a spy, and served the rebellion as an informant and part of the Fulcrum network in the early days of the Alliance. Which means his paths might have crossed with many familiar faces prior to Rogue One.

Who are some of those familiar faces? We have some hopeful guesses.

Ahsoka Tano

Formerly a Padawan of the Jedi Order during the Clone Wars, Ahsoka left her life behind in search of a cause she could stand behind. After going into hiding following the Jedi Purge, she convinced Senator Bail Organa to form the Fulcrum network to help grow the budding Alliance.

Many years later, we crossed paths with her again, and as Fulcrum, she continued to help the Alliance fight against the Galactic Empire.

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It’s likely, though not guaranteed, that Cassian and Ahsoka will cross paths at some point. It would be the first time Ahsoka would appear in a live-action project, which would be completely fine as long as Ashley Eckstein reprises her role.

Bail Organa

The Alliance never would have existed without Bail Organa, Mon Mothma, and Padmé Amidala. Star Wars books like Queen’s Shadow have offered hints that Organa and company were in the early stages of plotting some kind of resistance even before Palpatine formed the Empire.

The expanded universe has made Organa even more of a foundational hero than he already was in the movies. He met with Ahsoka early on to involve her in his secret plans. He even attempted to recruit one of Padmé’s former handmaidens to the cause, though we don’t know what came of that proposed meeting (yet).

It wouldn’t be surprising if he showed up in this series even just to give Cassian a mission, or even as a recurring character serving as Cassian’s point of contact as he gathers intelligence for the Alliance. It would be wonderful to have him back again.

Saw Gererra

He first appeared in The Clone Wars, where the seeds for his future as a radical opposer of the Empire were planted. He came into contact with the Alliance again in Rebels, and for one final time in Rogue One. But his dealings between The Clone Wars and Rebels are mostly unknown (though we’re going to see some of them soon, thanks to Jedi: Fallen Order).

As an Alliance intelligence officer, Cassian interacted with several of Gererra’s partisans on various missions throughout the galaxy.

Even if Gererra and Cassian never meet face to face in the series, it’s possible the extremist could make even just one guest appearance or cameo at some point.

We’re all here for it. Give us more Saw!

Hera Syndulla

This one might be a bit of a stretch, but we’re hopeful. Before the Spectres, Hera left her homeworld to escape her father’s political extremism and made her fight for freedom her own. Where she spent those years, we’re not completely sure — here, there, a little bit of everywhere, like most pilots in the galaxy far, far away.

Maybe there will be an episode where Cassian is in desperate need of transport somewhere, and Hera just happens to have a ship and crew available.

This would also be the first time we saw Hera in a live-action Star Wars project. We very briefly heard her voice in Rogue One (if you listen closely you can hear her during the battle over Scariff). But hey, Vanessa Marshall, let’s make it happen.

This is still an Untitled Star Wars: Cassian Andor series, and it is reportedly officially in production now. Hopefully as the series develops we’ll learn more about who Cassian could meet throughout his treacherous adventures.

Until then, all we can do is hope (for more Bail Organa, because you can never have too much).

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Who do you hope to see in Cassian Andor’s Disney+ series? Let us know who we missed!