Star Wars Resistance recap: What trouble do Kaz and crew find on Flix’s homeworld?


As Kaz and Torra head to Flix’s home world to get fuel, they’re met by a dangerous giant creature that threatens their return to the Colossus on Star Wars Resistance.

With the Colossus flying through the galaxy, they are running out of resources because the crew is also running for their lives. Many of the episodes of the young season of Star Wars Resistance have involved looking for these resources.

This time, the crew needs fuel, so Kaz and Torra go with Flix and Orka to Flix’s home planet to get it. Flix’s family owns a fuel refinery and is entitled to some of the fuel.

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Naturally, things aren’t as easy as just showing up. When they get there, Flix’s cousins are not happy to see him and we learn more about the alien. Apparently, he left his homeworld to become a cantina singer, not a store owner.

But Flix is worried once he hears what the cousins are up to. They are drilling too deep and have been warned over the years not to do it since there are rumored dragons that live that deeply underground.

Despite the cold meeting, Kaz promises to help the family with a drill that has gone offline. Seems like Kaz has become a much better mechanic recently. As they head down in the elevator, the dragon creature  islurking in the mist and only Kaz and Torra notice. It bashes their elevator and the crew do everything they can to keep from being crushed.

Kaz, Flix and his cousin Fleck – or was it Flanx — are separated from Torra and Orka, who head back to the ship.

Kaz is separated from Flix and Fleck, and comes face-to-face with the dragon. It’s easy to tell its eyesight is not good and uses it sense of smell and vibrations from movement to catch its prey. While blasters don’t hurt it, the only thing that does is bright light.

So they have to use less brute force and more ingenuity this time around.

Kaz and Flix fight the dragons back and push them back to their homes, which are quickly sealed off.

Even though this episode took place away from the Colossus – the second in the last three episodes – it worked well. The Colossus is an interesting place and a character in its own right, but there does need to be a change of scenery to keep the series feeling fresh as the storylines remain stagnant.

It was still a solid episode and it’s always interesting when we learn more about the characters on the refueling station. Flix and Okra were confirmed to be a same sex couple before the start of the season and this episode put the spotlight on them.

At one point, Orka says “I love the guy,” but in defense of why he wanted to just get out of the drill hole and save his own hide. But then he showed his full might when sticking up for Flix with his  cousins.

It was cute seeing the cousins all praise Orka for being a good partner for Flix.

What’s going on with Tam?

We still don’t have an update, but I imagine she’s been flying around with Rucklin becoming hardened First Order pilots.

How does this fit with The Rise of Skywalker?

We know this series will eventually catch up to Episode IX, but right now we aren’t really close. The last timeline check we had was when the Colossus showed up on D’Qar and found the remnants of the battle.

Yet, the Colossus needs food and fuel if they are ever going to make it to their next stop to support the First Order and eventually be featured in The Rise of Skywalker.

You can watch the episode here.

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Star Wars Resistance airs on Disney XD Sundays at 6 pm ET.